December 26, 2004
  Tsunami  Appeal
  December 2012
  Mohamed Sahabdeen   Awards
  WHO IS HE? Sahabdeen, Desamanya (Dr.) A.M.M  
A.M.M Sahabdeen
  Desamanya (Dr) Abdul Majeed Mohamed Sahabdeen was born on May 19, 1926 in Gampola, The son of E.L.A Majeed and Shaharuwan Majeed . After graduating with Honours from the University of Ceylon he was appointed to the elite Ceylon Civil Service. He held several senior Administrative positions as Secretary, Director, Commissioner and Chairman of important Government organizations until his retirement in 1973.He continued to serve the Government From time to time as member of the Public Service Commission (1989),as a member of Presidential Commission on Delimitation (1988) ,Taxation (1989) Finance & Banking(1990).  

He was formerly the visiting Head of the Department of Western Philosophy in the vidyodaya (Sri Jayawardenepura) University at its inception. He has authored several articles and books On philosophy and allied subjects. He was awarded the Ph.D by the University of Peradeniya in 1985. He is the Founder Chairman of the A.M.M Sahabdeen Trust Foundation, incorporated By Act of Parliament No.3 of 1991, which promotes education and social development and grants international awards for excellence in Science, Literature, international understanding And human development


In 1992 he  received  the National Honour of Desamanya for outstanding public service. His main interests  are Philosophy, religion, education and human development Dr.Sahabdeen is listed in International directories, including International. Who’s who (Europa Publications) and The millennium Register of  Sri lankan Personalities The founder chairman of A.M.M. Sahabdeen Trust Foundation Desamanya Dr. A.M.M sahabdeen passed away peacefully on 21st February 2017. Mr Rizvan Sahabdeen Director , son of late Dr. A.M.M. Sahabdeen assumed duties as the chairman of A.M.M. Sahabdeen Trust foundation with effect from 01st January 2020.

  Trust Foundation  

The A M M Sahabdeen Trust Foundation is an internationally recognised educational and social
development organisation, dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, international
understanding and human development. 

 It’s activities include the establishment and maintenance of educational institutions, grant of international awards, scholarships, assistance for research and post graduate studies, the provision of social and humanitarian services, poverty elimination and relief of distress caused by disasters and natural calamities.

The Foundation now undertakes educational services up to university level.
It is also embarking on extensive rehabilitation work including the running of permanent and temporary hostels for displaced persons, consequent to the Tsunami disaster of 26th December 2004. It now offers custodial service to orphans and displaced persons. Since there are thousands of orphans, widows and displaced persons, immediate accommodation has to be provided, especially to young children, and the homeless.
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